Red Tint In Style Monday, May 16 2011 

If you haven’t noticed in this picture Scarlett Johansson has new hair color that’s in style at the moment and it’s  a reddish tint! Red hair is very rare because most people are either brunette or blonde. Not only that but red is a very pretty color in the sun and really gives you a unique look and seperates you from others.


Animal Prints Monday, May 16 2011 

What’s new this summer for 2011?! Animal Prints! Animal print shows your wild side and gives you confidence. It is a bold statement about your fashion choices. Even in some countries they see owning animal fur or animal print is a sign of wealth. Not only does it show wealth but it is also very in style at the moment and is sold all around the world in almost every fashion store!

H&M Monday, May 9 2011 

H&M is a store that has high quality fashion at a low price! they off very sheek looks at the lowest prices. H&M is one of my favorite stores. They sell a variety of choices from Dresses, tops, bottom, shoes to accessories and jewelry. This store is great for those who are looking to buy many outfits at a low price. H&M also keeps up with the latest trends which is a plus. So go check out H&M!

Neon Back In Monday, May 9 2011 

Neon Colors went from being in to the 80’s and are currently back in style today! Neon colors are Bold, Bright and Brilliant, the 3 B’s. at almost every window display you can see these bright colors being brought out to us. If you are someone who likes to be the attention grabber then wearing Neon Colors will definitely help you out. Neon Colors are also great for summer because they give off a carefree fun look.

Mike Posner Monday, May 2 2011 

Mike Posner is the newest hip hop singer. Not only do i love his music but i love his style! He has style that is either casual or dressy. He usually wears wests or knitted jackets that go over his T-shirts which ads a little extra to his style.He also usually completes his outfits with niki shoes and watches.

Fashion in Europe for Summer 2011 Friday, Apr 22 2011 

Whose ready for Summer 2011?I know I am! Since most people travel to Europe during the summer for a vacation here is a little tip for the fashion there. Their fashion is very moderate and shows off a lot of skin. This outfit is one of the types of clothing you would find people wearing out there. They dress like this from the morning time to the night time. People in Europe are very fashion forward. Their clothing is very unique and has somewhat of a sex appeal to it.

Thursday, Apr 21 2011 

If anyone was wondering my favorite store is GUESS! Guess is one of the trendiest clothing lines. Their clothes vary from fancy looks, casual looks, sophisticated looks or even just laid back looks. Yes it is somewhat expensive but it’s worth it. They also have discount stores that contain Guess merchandise. Guess not only has a line of clothing but they also sell purses, perfumes, shoes, hats, and any type of accessories! Guess is almost always having some kind of sale so they can try to make it affordable for everyone!

Little Black Dress Tuesday, Apr 19 2011 

Little Black dresses are in and always have been! These dresses go perfect for any event. They can be Casual, a night out, going out to the club or even going to a fancy dinner. They show off the curves of a women’s body because they are mostly body fitting and cut off right before the knee’s. This specific dress is from Express. Express also has varieties of different little black dresses!

Tilly’s Sunday, Apr 17 2011 

Personally Tilly’s is one of my favorite stores! It has a variety of looks. It can go from an easy going, laid back look or a fancy, sophisticated look. Tilly’s goes with the flow and follows the newest trends each season. Also the pricing for each piece of clothing is not expensive and it’s pretty affordable! Not only can you go to the store physically yourself but you can also shop online and here is the site!

Gladiator Sandals Monday, Apr 11 2011 

These shoes are the hot new style for summer 2011 preferably called Gladiator Sandals! These sandals are very comfortable because it supports the back of the ankle which makes it easier to walk in them. They are also very fashionable and summer friendly!

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